AcademicChoir of the National radio company of Ukraine is one of the most authoritative choral collectives of Ukraine. It was founded in 1932 and belongs to major choral tradition with a great history and universal repertoire.

Glorious history of the Choir is connected with the names of the most prominent Ukrainian choral bandleaders of ХХ-ХХІ centuries, such as G.Taranova, O.Min'kivskyi, V. Min'ko, Y.Taranchenko, G.Kulyaba, V. Mal'cev, P.Muravskyi, V.Skoromnyi. Because of high-level artistic traditions and many professional performances, Choir became a treasure of independent Ukraine.

At the present time Yuliya Tkach is an artistic director and main bandleader of the Academic choir of Ukrainian radio. For over 80 years, Choir has created a unique records collection, which is considered to be the «Gold fund» of Ukraine. This collection includes the works of the world-known composers: V. Mozard, L. Beethoven, G. Verdi, J.Brams, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, D. Shostakovich, B. Lyatoshynskiy, D. Bortnyanskiy, M. Berezovskiy, E. Stankovych, L. Dychko etc. Music of the Choir is used in cinema and many compact disks are given out.

Academic Choir produces fund records in one of the best and biggest audio recording studios in Europe — a Great studio of the Concert- studio complex of the National radio company of Ukraine. The National radio company of Ukraine choir conducts an active concert and educational activity. A few thousand concerts have been represented to audience in prestige halls of Ukraine and Europe during almost a century activity. The choir is a participant of such festivals as «KyivMusicFest», «Musical premieres of a season» (Kyiv), «Prokofiev’s spring» (Donetsk), «Stravinsky and Ukraine» (Lutsk) etc. Choir international tours included such countries as Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Germany, and Holland. The Ukrainian radio choir is a highly professional collective, one of the best interpreters of sacred music, Ukrainian folk songs, works of modern composers, masterpieces of the classics world. Creation of this glorious collective was a great contribution into the cultural and spiritual treasury of the Ukrainian people.

Національної ради України з питань телебачення і радіомовлення
music rev
Українське радіо
фотограф художник, дизайнер